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  • HOT

    Product Series

    • Supermarket Shelf
    • Storage Rack
    • Shopping Mall Supporting Facility
    • Boutique Display Shelf
    • Car Rack

    Yunyu Shelves’ core


    Serving customers around the world for more than 30 years

    Yunyu Shelves has more than 30 years of production experience, with its products running through every industry, covering every industrial city in China and selling well all over the world.

    Technical Support

    Yunyu Shelves provides customers with technical support services such as product processing solutions, installation, construction and after-sales maintenance.

    Automated Factory

    Yunyu Shelves has advanced automatic production equipment and multiple production lines so as to ensure rapid delivery.

    The most cost-effective products

    Various series of products of Yunyu Shelves are the most cost-effective products in market, having won praises from customers for many years.

    It takes only 4 steps to buy shelves of best quality
    with the least amount of time and cost.

    Preview and
    purchase shelves

    Freely choose shelves in

    “Yunyu Shelves Display Room”.

    You can also select the shelves you

    want at www.shoesank.com.

    Customized shelves

    Contact Yunyu’s staff,

    place an order for your customized

    product and record the name

    of the product, its item number

    and the delivery/receipt time.

    Replacement of
    equivalent shelves

    If the damage of the self-assembled

    detachable shelves are not man-made,

    within six months, customers can

    take the original invoice and damaged

    goods to replace equivalent goods.


    Yunyu has professional technical engineering

    experts and design experts to ensure

    the practicability and aesthetics of

    the products. At the same time, Yunyu

    will provide perfect after-sales services

    to solve the difficulties encountered during using.

    Serving thousands of enterprises around the world,

    including many world's top 500 enterprises

    Voice of Customers
    Industry news

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    Address:No. 6-23, Donglian Industrial Park, Dashi town, Panyu District, Guangzhou city

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